jim white vs. robbie fulks

have ya'll heard of either?

i've been listening to robbie since i first saw him on austin city limits in ??? 1998 ???
i've been listening to jim white for about 3 months (saw him open for wilco in toronto last year)

there's one point i'm trying to get across...
i think jim white copies robbie fulks

and i like the both of them very much

could this be a case of some of your favorite artists (currently) sounding the same just becuz

i know when neil freaks out it sounds like lou reed, ccr, sonic youth or so many others that i love reachin' that peak where it all kinda sounds the same -- really good!

i'm not so sure this is the case. i am convinced after several listens that jim white's "buzzard's of love" (Drill a Hole in That Substrate and Tell Me What You See - Luaka Bop 2004)

is borrowed from robbie fulks's "real money" (Couples in Trouble - Boondoggie Records 2001)

neither is mainstream, but if you are reading this, chances are you can understand my confusion

now on with the whippets....




it's gonna be a hot one in the kitchen today. time for a 11 hour shift in a 110degree atmosphere with poor ventilation and really scratchy polyester pants and coats. i love my job!
really i do ... only about ten days left at this one as i gave my two weeks notice last friday (7/29). i've lasted 1 year and about 3 months - that's my second longest cooking gig so far.
what to do next? open our own joint, jump right back in and work for the man, or coast for a while with an easy prepared foods type job?

looking forward to our cleveland trip, and maybe a camping trip to the finger lakes a few weeks later. my friend mike is coming to visit from utah pretty soon too. he swore he'd never visit me here (becuz i've never been out to utah to see him), but he's coming anyway. one of the few who has visited every place we've lived (pompano, moretown, nyc, and now buffalo).

neils got his nashville run coming up shortly and it looks like frank black is gonna do a honeycomb show as well. pixies in albany tonite and then off to the newport folk festival. los lobos is just back from japan, off to colorado, and then a small ohio, pennsylvania swing.




goin' to cleveland, me and my lady in a few weeks to see robbie fulks and los lobos.
anyone live there? we're staying downtown and are wondering about some of the better watering holes.

it's hot here today in buffalo - 90+ with tomorrow looking hotter.

good day to organizize my basement which is what i've done so far today (day off).

time to run some errands and sweat in my car (no a/c)

some friends came from new york city this past weekend to visit. here's a picture of their son humping kris's brothers old lab.



weld, freedom and the complex sessions are to be released on dvd sept 20th along with the new album/dvd prarie wind... and there's a really cute 7 week old whippet named nipper who needs a home in rochester, but he costs $750